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Great service guys! Your work rate is unbelievable & I never thought it can be done so easily in such a short space of time

– Jack, Camps Bay.

Hello Magnate construction, I write to inform you that the geysers were installed perfectly well. I’m as happy as ever! Please keep doing your good work. God will reward you for serving us

– Bryn, Upper Woodstock.

You are the best pavers & definitely one in a million. Thank you!

Raymond, False Bay.

That was good work Magnate construction; I love your team spirit. I recommend you highly.

Mr. Petersen – Table view

Awesome tiling job gentlemen! I really appreciate your work. Thanks

J.Lambert, Rondebosch


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About Us

The Magnate Group’s mission statement is to revolutionize Real Estate with a vision to become the largest single holder of Real Estate.

As The Magnate team, we feel excessively elated officially taking over the construction industry. In essence, we have a defined mission, determined leadership, well qualified and unified team with iron stomachs, and more than 25 years in construction, engineering and project management. In truth, we pride ourselves as the custodians in championing the cause of revolutionizing and elevating infrastructure.

By reputation, we’re a team of workaholics totally obsessed with detail. We love giving so-called “big companies” a run for their money – especially if they’re offering expensive poor quality services. Apparently, it is no secret that we love our clients & we’ve prepared ourselves to share more of the profit with the customer so that we’re both better off. Our priorities are exactly the opposite of our large competitors – our clients matter the most.
We shall state as a matter of fact that our mission is bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions as we embody the spirit of service through an experienced, qualified and committed team effort.

As we consider this road that unfolds before us, it is our founding enduring conviction that we remain steadfast, faithful and true to our mission with a comprehensive and authentic scrutiny of purpose. Passion is the magic ingredient that zaps us with the fierce drive for completion of every endeavor. Our passion for style and success are completely interwoven. We would not want to have one without the other.
We speak in full conviction that our passion is closely in line with our spiritual mission of revolutionizing Real Estate.

The Magnate Team is mandated to lay a solid foundation for better service. And, surely, the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirits through demonstration of ability, and extending quality service to every willing heart. All this we can do. And all this we will do. And, that’s a legendary promise!

Most importantly, our imperishable reputation gives us the strength and the fuel to persevere in every circumstance. In essence, our sterling work stands as a landmark achievement in the history of this industry. And, in a nutshell, we’ve truly find comfort in the fact that we have dedicated ourselves to be the vehicle of the hopes and aspirations of everyone within the confines of this service industry.

Handsome is the fact that our astounding and resounding success is a product of relentless optimism & unwavering enthusiasm, extraordinary touch of class & sophistication, vision & tenacity, fortitude & unswerving confidence - These things have been the dominant force of progress throughout our history in the realm of projects execution.

For our clients’ sake, it is of critical importance that we strongly remain an oasis in this desert of lost hope. Driven by our experience, passion and commitment, our job on earth is definitely making life for our valuable clients a little bit more like heaven. And, for the record, our addiction is client satisfaction and the art of perfecting always seem to continue on a life-changing path of excellence.

Cognizant of the need to demonstrate decisive progress, we feel obliged going the extra mile in springing key universal ingredients and scrutinizing the finest of detail where it matters most. With the utmost care to serve our clients, our workable system of checks and balance is perfected in a way that makes our capacity in this industry undiminished and completely unmatched.

As part of our broader strategy, we aim to spread our tentacles to further conquer all international spheres; make our presence felt in each & every region known to humankind, and make an immense contribution to the entire global society as a whole. On the same token, we promise to continue dishing out this extraordinary menu of our mouth-watering service dishes with lots & lots of spices coming in the pipeline.

In conclusion, The Magnate Organization, as a group, does not compromise on quality. And, quite frankly, our work has never been one of short-cuts. We are of the firm belief that for this world has changed; we must also change with it. In fact, it is our inmost conviction that we extend our hand beyond borders in our quest to provide total construction service solutions to all the needy. As pacesetters of this industry, we shall commit to revolutionize Real Estate with clear demonstration of innovation, professionalism, integrity, commitment, excellence, creativity, art and style.


The Magnate Group Structure

The Magnate Organization

Mission – To revolutionize Real Estate
Vision – To become the largest single holder of Real Estate

The Magnate Organization “Divisions” within the construction service industry

The Magnate Construction

Mission – To elevate the infrastructural well-being with integrity
Vision – To be the most progressive Real Estate Developing Company

The Magnate Electricians

Mission – To electrify electrical needs of humanity
Vision – To see a totally electrified society

The Magnate Tilers

Mission – To deliver world-class tiling solutions with the finest of detail
Vision – To become the largest tiling service provider

The Magnate Painters

Mission – To create memorable and historical artistic designs
Vision – To see an exceptionally decorated world

The Magnate Pavers

Mission – To provide the finest paving platforms
Vision – To become the leading paving company

The Magnate Plumbers

Mission – To eradicate plumbing problems of humanity
Vision – To see all plumbing needs of humanity fulfilled

The Magnate Properties

Mission – To shelter humanity
Vision – To become the leading Real Estate Investment Company

The Magnate Foundation (Non-profit)

Mission – To alleviate the sufferings and uplifting the well-being of humanity
Vision – To see completely empowered generations

Please e-mail us, call our office, or submit your enquiry through an enquiry form on this website for more detailed information with regards to all our “divisions” services.

We thank you for browsing this site,




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