Welcome to The Magnate Organization Website

As The Magnate Team, we’re so thoroughly sold on the work we do for what we believe to be a very strong spiritual mission.

Surely, if good taste would permit, we would boastfully provide a full detailed list of all the inspiring and life-changing testimonials from our existing clientele but that would require a website 100 times the size of this one. The question of our expertise needs no discussion – If the significance of the photos and testimonials on this website could be conveyed to every person reading this website, there would be no need for the rest of the website pages. We feel energized to note that our quality is to character what carbon is to steel. Yes, repeat after us, we said it; we’re a bunch of experts! A bunch of experts the way lions are carnivores and water is wet! Absolutely nobody can pull the wool over our ears when it comes to projects execution.

At this point it seems appropriate to mention that we’ve enjoyed ten-fold success through the little secret we call “being true to our mission”. In all truthfulness, it will be unforgivable if we neglect to share with all prospective clients about the little secret of our success. This secret comes in the form of seven critical elements orchestrated through the best advertising medium of them all – “word of mouth referrals” from our existing clientele telling other people about us. Please review the universal ingredients of this astounding and stupendous secret for your own benefit. As an antidote for complacency, we are never too hot but we’re always almost hot. Nevertheless, we are elated to share with you the seven reasons why we beat the so-called best as inscribed between the following lines;

  1. We accept no favours from anyone without giving favours in return
  2. We make no statements we do not believe to be true
  3. We render more service than we ask people to pay for
  4. We engage in no transaction that does not benefit all whom it affects
  5. We never flatter people for the purpose of getting hired
  6. We do things with our hearts and not just our heads
  7. We simply practice what we preach

It is the belief of this company that if there are any other elements entering into what people believe to be our ability to command great testimonials, we do not know what they are!

One of our most delicate tasks is that of getting things done in record time thus minimizing costly or unnecessary overruns as we aim to bringing all projects to completion within the confines of projected budgets. The Magnate Team loves the world – let us not forget this!

As you might have guessed, we’re an All-Rounder company offering various services – please scroll down to the next sections where The Magnate experts give you a glimpse of what’s behind the looking glass. As a fitting climax to this introductory section, we wish we could tell you how exactly you will feel after experiencing our remarkable service, but that would deprive you of the benefit you will receive when you make the discovery in your own way. Above all, do not stop in your search for our best projects photos on this site until you have clicked the blue facebook link, for then you will not want to stop talking about us.


To deliver world-class tiling solutions with the finest of detail

To become the largest tiling service provider


The Magnate Tilers’ work stands as a guidepost to organizational achievements. Do you want tiling done in a way that only paralyses one’s reason? We’re masters of integrity on promised timelines, quality assurances, impeccable and unique workmanship. We are on top of our league when it comes to installation of tiles. To our mind, doing a thing right is never trouble and it should be encouraging to note that we’ve received a lot of references by just being true to our mission. If you have any doubt that a great tiling job can add value exponentially to a property, this company should dispel any doubt, because in it you can plainly see integrity, efficiency and brilliance.

The Magnate Tilers team is totally committed to give back to all clients by way of providing the best service at the most affordable rates. This year all our valued clients, prospective and existing, will never be the same again. We are here to rock! Please contact our office if you truly want to learn from the best. The Magnate Tilers is a dedicated team working together as a master mind to prove to you that a faultless hand exists.

We install all types of tiles:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Mosaic
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine……..etc.

Most common places we do installations:
  • Shopping Malls
  • Offices
  • Homes – Bathrooms, Kitchens, walls & floors (Full house)
  • Garden Patios
  • Outside Braais, fireplaces & other structures
  • Arch areas…..etc.

Want some more??? – Have a chat, gratis, with our Project Managers!


To eradicate plumbing problems of humanity

To see all plumbing needs of humanity fulfilled


Let it be remembered that The Magnate Plumbers attend monthly workshops only to make sure that people like you get the best service they deserve. The team is qualified to handle any project – Domestic, Commercial and industrial. Most notably, we’ve received astounding references through installing the latest product range of toilet GEBERIT systems around town. We have mastered the art of installing GEBERIT toilet systems like never before, to say nothing of thousands of projects under our belt. A great many times in this decade, our attention has been called to remove the old toilet systems and replace it with GEBERIT toilets. After these numerous requests, we decided to do our own survey by making it our business to ask all clients why they are switching to GEBERIT systems. It is the belief of The Magnate Plumbers that the GEBERIT toilet system adds more space in bathrooms by putting the cistern in the walls not to mention the beauty of these latest toilet systems. Yes, all this is a long way to explain why it’s high time you consider sticking with a company that lives in sync with the present. OK, let’s now call your attention to the full service package from The Magnate Plumbers desk:

  • Hot Water Cylinder/ Geyser installations
  • Hot Water Cylinder/ Geyser replacements/Repairs
  • Full bathroom renovations & maintenances
  • Kitchen renovations & maintenances
  • GEBERIT systems installations & repairs
  • Unblocking drains
  • Cleaning and re-routing of sewer pipes
  • Leak repairs – pipes, taps, toilets, valves, showers, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us now with your query/enquiry – we will gladly fill you back!


To create memorable and historical artistic designs

To see an exceptionally decorated world


Over the years, as The Magnate Painters, we have established ourselves as the home of uncompromising integrity & unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. In truth, we’re already the premier brand, and we’re just getting started. It is on record that scores of people are running short of superlatives to describe The Magnate Painters, not that this matters, but we’re a darling of a world unknown to average contractors!

Do you have a fading office or a home that needs some refreshing up or a little touch up? We specialize in painting contracts – domestic, commercial and industrial.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced team to renovate your property – your searching is over by just a little click of a mouse. Our painting service includes filling up cracks, scrapping off old paint (High pressure system), sanding and patching up damaged sections on your property. Did you just build a new property or are you looking for a professional & reputable team to paint your existing property? The Magnate Painters offers more than just a painting service – we dramatically increase the value of your property through demonstration of cutting-edge workmanship.

Our experienced team of painters is well known for being classy and going the extra mile in delivering the goods.

We are experts in both interior and exterior renovations. As an institution with a spiritual mission to accomplish – we provide free advice on the best type of paint to apply on your property and a whole lot of detail unbeknownst to clients.

As a special note – we source paint at wholesale prices from our leading suppliers so if you are looking for the best paint prices then we are here to offer you the best labour deal materials inclusive.

The good news is that we can now apply any colour of your dreams on your property through our connections with leading mixing & tinting painting suppliers around town. All you need to do is give us a sample of the colour of paint you want then the rest will be history. Remember, imagination is key! Exercise it & challenge us as a team to make us expand our realities.

As for companies, we can play around with your corporate dress showcasing those extraordinary corporate colours in style. If you need profiles of similar corporate projects done – please feel free to contact our sales office through various contact links propagated on this website.

Please contact us to make an enquiry/booking now. By just asking us some questions – you will learn something new about property renovations in general. Use us - We are only here to help you!


To provide the finest paving platforms

To become the leading paving company


It is the conviction of The Magnate Pavers team to take each and every project with painstaking care. As The Magnate Pavers, we prefer to do our work on the cutting edge of brilliance – not for the money but for the sheer joy of participation and delivering the greatest piece of paving work.

As we analyze our paving experience in retrospect, we see to it that our success has largely been the result of team work and keeping an open mind when planning projects with our clients.

The Magnate Pavers team provides a service equal to the best money can buy, at a very nominal cost. It is nothing short of a tragedy to overcharge a client. We say it is a tragedy because there is nothing worse than trying to get without giving a fair equivalent in return.

Meanwhile, let it be remembered that we pride ourselves on our competitiveness and our drive to transcend the ordinary. Surely no person with sufficient inclination to choose a paving contractor of his or her choice can possibly miss the significance of these illustrations. Enough have been said to give everyone a starting point to make a choice of a best paving service provider. In that light, let’s call our attention to some paving basics with the hope that you catch a glimpse of this stupendous subject

Types of pavers
  • Clay pavers, Cement Pavers & Cobbles
Common Paved Areas
  • Driveways, Pathways, Roadways, Parking spaces, Patios, Pool areas, etc.
Common Pavers colours
  • Red, Tan, Grey, Terracotta
Common Paving Styles & Designs (Samples available on request)
  • 90 Herringbone, 45 Herringbone, Stretcher bond, Stack Bond, Basket weave, Circular, English Bond, Brick Pattern, etc.
Materials for paving
  • Pavers, Sand, DPC plastic, Cement


To electrify electrical needs of humanity

To see a totally electrified society


The Magnate Electricians is a dynamic, qualified and experienced team of electricians gathered together to electrify all your electrical requirements. The team prides itself with decades of electrical experience majoring in domestic, commercial & industrial contracts.

The Magnate Electricians knows beyond general electrical work – we are well-equipped with all the technical nitty-gritties that come with electrical engineering. What we are talking about is more than just ordinary electrical skills. We have experience working with heavy duty industrial machines such as Lathe Electrical machines, Programmable Logic Controllers (P.L.C), Boilers, Overhead cranes, etc. We also boast with in-depth electrical wisdom in as far as wiring & illustration of electrical diagrams is concerned. As enlightenment to this specialized service menu – we offer in-depth electrical analysis and offer advice, gratis, in respect to making technical subjects simple.

We can talk of illumination, maintenances of electrical motors A.C and D.C, wirings and fault findings on all electrical equipments – Tyrak L & Simoereg, etc.

As a prospective residential or commercial client, do not be discouraged if you fail to understand all that has been said about industrial electricals. It is not expected that you master all that has been said unless if you have been a student of the subject – but you will, in time, make good progress by associating with the right team.

Let’s now centre our attention upon a detailed list of the electrical services on offer as stated between the following lines.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial
  • Wiring
  • Re-wiring
  • Electrical alterations & extensions
  • Electrical repairs & maintenances
  • Various installations
  • Fault findings
  • Breakers upgrades & fixing of tripping problems
  • Lights fittings, new plug points, re-positioning, etc.

As The Magnate Electricians – it feels good to announce that we have constantly taken the world by storm. Our skills & expertise have left our clients breathless. Be part of this electrical revolution courtesy of The Magnate Electricians. Make a booking with The Magnate Electricians to bring endless power to your doors. Your needs only inspire us to do more and more – make a booking now & get high-powered electrical balls!


To elevate the infrastructural well-being with integrity

To become the leading Real Estate Developing Company (REDC)


We come now to the apex of The Magnate Organization. The Magnate Projects is the mother of them all – a thrust & a symbol of The Magnate Organization. We believe, and not without reason, that there are those who seek various renovations done. They need tiling, plumbing, and painting and so forth to be done at the same time. This sort of a client, we’ve observed, needs a contractor who can do it all. In answer to a lot of questions submitted by our clients – The Magnate Projects concept was conceived. Some of our rivals have exclaimed, “Ooh that’s a pretty aggressive mission!” and in response to such talk we say. “Ooh, yep, we’re a pretty much aggressive team!”

As a final word on our specialized services, if you’re willing to consider getting the best various renovations services, then The Magnate Projects team will be valuable, maybe priceless to you. We’re well known for our stellar service in pursuit of excellence and our primary goal is to exceed clients’ expectations through providing a superior service. This begins with the initial interaction when providing the prospective customer with a quote. Then, of course, our next step to shine is when the team is on site demonstrating what it knows best. Let it be known that The Magnate Projects team only exists to maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, our service always exceeds the expectations of our clients.

The very moment you experience our great service, perhaps you will dismiss any feeling you may have had, browsing this website that this company promises too much. The Magnate Projects team inspires one with awe! In truth, we’ve accomplished a miracle, for it is a miracle when a company single-handedly takes it to revolutionize the whole industry.

As a way of saying thank you for reading this site – no matter who you are, or what may have been your purpose in reading this website, you can profit by it by sending us an enquiry and get absolutely free advice regarding whatever renovations you might have in mind.

It is imperative to learn that The Magnate Projects team covers all of the following;
  • Covers all our specialized services
  • Specialize in alterations to existing properties/Dwellings
  • Specialize in extensions to existing properties
  • Plastering, Skimming, Laminate Flooring, Carpentry (B.I.C), Waterproofing, etc.
  • Drywalls – office partitioning and the like.
  • Construction of properties (Special Projects)

In parting, we thank you for browsing this site, if you are earnestly seeking the best service provider, we have, through this website, met.


Now that there’s somebody out there who cares for you. Why not afford the best for less?